2216 Led Strip For Display Case

Item Type : 5050 Colorful RGBW+WW LED Strip
Led Model : LS-ST5Q60VzC9
LED Qty : 60Leds/M(5 in 1)
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Product Details

China supply 60leds 24V 5in1 RGBWW+W led strip light

Item Type

5050 Colorful RGBW+WW LED Strip

Led Model



60Leds/M(5 in 1)

Cutting Size







5000 * 12 * 2(L * W * H)

IP Rating


Bean Angel





3 Years

1. Our SMD LED use copper base and gold wire which provide good heat dispersion, long life span and low Luminous Decay.
2. Our flexible PCB are all high quality double layers PCB, at least 2 ounces, or 3 ounces in particular models.
3. We always require same bin number SMD LEDs for different production batches for the same customer.
4. We have Everfine integrating sphere to test the color temperature of incoming SMD LEDs and put it in our QC records for every batch. Normally 5 MacAdam LED is +/-100k
5. We can produce 3 MacAdam LED Strip/tape as customer request.

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Colorful series

Implementation of 7 colour change at the same time can have a pure white light. Single point of single control, high gray level, and can achieve a variety of beautiful effect. Achieve pure white while changing different colors. For magic LED strips, Each IC controls each LED, high gray level realize various lighting effects.

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The following are IP rating:

IP20: Non-waterproof, available indoor.

Ip65: silicone glue or epoxy resin, can prevent the splashing water invade, available indoor.

IP67: Silicone tube, hollow, can prevent the big wave water invade; available indoor and outdoor.

IP68: Silicone tube +silicone gel or silicone extrusion molding, completely prevent dust and water invade; available indoor,outdoor and water.

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