White 24V 3528 Safety Led Strip

LED QTY: 60led/m
FPC Color: White, Black optional
Input Voltage: DC12V
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Product Details

Custom 12v 5v 3mm 3.5mm 4mm 5mm Width Ultra Thin 5630 5730 7020 3014 2835 Led Strip white

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Easy Installation

Also known as LED strip lights or ribbon lights, LED tape lights are easy to install, even for the nonprofessional. All you need to affix tape light to a surface is its "peel-and-stick" adhesive backing. Tape light makes DIY installation of under cabinet and cove lighting, accent lighting, and mood lighting a cinch!

Safe Indoors & Outdoors

LED tape light is safe for installation indoors and outdoors. 12 volt (coming soon) and 24 volt tape light options minimize the risk of electrical shorts and safety hazards frequently encountered with line voltage outdoor lighting. You can install it under eaves, on gazebos and decks, and even lining sidewalks.

Versatile & Energy Saving

Our standard output LED tape light consumes fewer than 2 watts per foot and is ideal for most accent lighting applications. Our high output tape lightuses less than 5 watts per foot and is 3 times brighter than the standard version, making it great for outdoor areas and indoor task lighting.

Color Changing Options

For something truly amazing, our RGB tape light is the best choice. RGB tape light uses individual red, green, and blue LEDs that mix to create multiple colors with the help of an RGB controller.

Do-It-Yourself Customizations

The capabilities of LED tape light are limited only by your imagination. We carry all the connectors, controllers, and power supplies you need for your installation. For a modern and refined look, also try our aluminum tape light profiles from Klus Design.

Product Name:

smd 3528 led strip



FPC Color:

White, Black optional

Input Voltage:


View Angle:


IP Rating:

IP20 Non-waterproof; IP65, IP67, IP68 Waterproof, optional

Emitting Color:

White, Cool White, Warm White, RGB, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Pink, Purple,

LED Light Size:

5 Meters (500cm x 1cm)

LED Strip Life Span:

50,000 Hours

Product Features

1. Energy-saving, save up to 70-80% power than fluorescent tube lights.

2. Ultra-slim, only 2.7mm thickness.

3. Refined workmanship with good corner seam joint.

4. Excellent thermal management and refined aluminum, lengthen the lifespan of LED lights.

5. Long lifespan, more than 5 years.

6. Good lighting consistency, no dark spot.

7. New high-efficiency (95%) constant current driver, which can work under unstable voltage.

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Strip lights are designed for both indoor and outdoor use depending on whether they’re water resistant. Since the strip is flexible and can be divided at any point between LEDs, it is extremely versatile and can be used in a number of installations. Outside of traditional lighting, strip lighting is extensively used in DIY projects or lighted clothing. The ability to power strip lights off of a USB device or battery pack makes them extremely portable. Examples include: Computer lighting, costume lights, toys, workspace lighting, monitor and display ambient lighting, and alcove lighting.

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