LED lights lead the future

- May 30, 2019-

People know that the LED light strip industry as a green industry has many advantages such as environmental protection, health and energy saving. The domestic LED light strips only account for about 15% of the lighting market share, and 30% to 50% of the developed countries are still very large. interval. In the future, the LED industry will further increase industrial concentration, and the superior resources will move closer to the dominant companies. How to make the LED industry grow? The new technology is secretly exerting power and leading the LED lamp industry to move forward in the new future. Its advantages are:

First, the chip and packaging links are developing rapidly. Light efficiency is improving, and technologies such as flip chip, high voltage chip, COB, EMC, and CSP package are all developed. All domestic and foreign device products start to spell light source module components, especially IC integrated products, system integration, modularization and so on. COB devices below 30W are still mainstream products in the market, and there is a possibility of substantial growth in the future.

Second, although the device factory has thrown out the sound of developing CSP and flip-chip gold-free packages in the past two years, it has finally become popular this year. Direct-lit backlights, CSP products are already available for TV flash. For example, the CSP package product is in the form of COB, and a plurality of small devices are combined in series, and can be assembled infinitely according to the size of use. In addition, this year's fluorescent goods store related to Gao Xianzhi performed outstandingly.

Third, EMC devices are increasingly sought after in high-power industrial and mining lamps and floodlights. Car lighting is modularized, and the stability of the shopping mall needs to be expanded. For example, car headlights and turn signals are a very attractive mall cake.

Fourth, intelligent lighting solutions, intelligent solutions for home and business venues have become the scent of shopping malls. Intelligent lighting is becoming more and more popular. It is also a trend and a challenge. The current "App Light Control System" method, each product from the light to the software, the system is self-contained, there is no unified standard or agreement, can not be interconnected, this is the constraint A major drawback.

Fifth, the filament lamp is more mature, many companies rely on technology to preempt, production and sales all over the world, shopping malls are loud, sapphire substrate filaments have become the main commodity to replace the old-fashioned silk lamp.

Sixth, the use of ultraviolet LED light, the use of plant lighting, etc. are increasing, and the penetration rate is also increasing. For example, ultraviolet LED lamps are used in the fields of security, disinfection, and curing. These LED subdivisions are huge in potential shopping malls, but they all require large-scale use of talents to further tap the market.

Nowadays, the advantages of chip packaging technology are flashing, industrial equipment is rapidly expanding, the flash field is extended, the backlight is small, and the intelligent lighting is gradually leading. The scale of sub-markets such as plant lighting, medical lighting, and agricultural lighting is also gradually expanding, and has been paid attention to by the industry.