led strip installation steps

- May 20, 2019-

Indoor led light strip installation steps

The indoor installation of the light bar is not subject to the sun and rain, the installation method is very simple. First of all, a double-sided tape is attached to the back of the light bar, and the double-sided tape is sufficiently viscous to cope with the indoor environment. Remove the sticker and secure the light bar to the location where it needs to be installed. Then connect the power cable of the light bar to the indoor power supply and install the control switch. If you want to connect multiple light bars together indoors, pay attention to controlling the connection distance of the light bars. Because the light bar is easy to heat during work, too much heat will affect the service life. Therefore, the connection distance of the light bar should be kept within 15 meters.

Outdoor led light strip installation steps

Outdoor installation of light strips will be affected by weather conditions, and will be protected by wind and rain. Therefore, when installing the outdoor light bar, the card slot should be designed first, and the light bar is fixed in the card slot to minimize the influence of wind and rain. When installing the power cord, it is best to use a special switching power supply to supply power to all the outdoor light strip power supply, unified control, and reduce the power consumption. If the light bar has the effect of flashing a horse, install a controller to control the effect of the transition.