The service life of led strip

- Jun 05, 2019-

In the market of our LED lights, the LED light strips can be said to be a hundred lights. Too many, a variety of products, let us feel a dazzling array. Sometimes when we buy, we don't know which product to choose is better, which products are more cost-effective, which is the headache of our consumers. The life of the led light bar is very representative, because the led panel light has an ultra-thin downlight, and a led tube, etc., most of which are assembled by the strip-shaped patch light source. So if we want to understand the life of this LED strip, we must understand its other products.


Affect the life of this led light bar, the main part is divided into this led light source and its power supply and external heat dissipation equipment. Led light source, its life can theoretically reach more than ten years, but why led light strip manufacturers, generally have quality for two years? Of course, this factor is a lot of actual test summary. Led light bar, which is composed of PCB board and lamp beads plus other resistance components and so on. Its heat dissipation is mainly through this registration of its own bracket, but also to this pad is hit on our PCB board, and then through the temperboard to be released into the air. Led it is a cold light source, it is a type of radiation without heat, it is mainly through some heat-dissipating metal contact to dissipate heat.

Therefore, in general, the pc b of this section of eight to twelve millimeters does not have enough heat dissipation, and the light decay of the lamp bead is also relatively fast, which is one of the important factors. Its second factor, that is because the clerk, its adapter can only be used for two to three years or so, its components will begin to age, Chinese knots and other materials are suitable for production. Process, this manufacturer of this led light belt will promise this quality and warranty for two to three years.

Regarding the attenuation of light, our traditional lamp tube is very representative. Generally, it is used in Dongguan for about half a year to a year. The brightness of this tube will definitely be weakened. This is called light. Decline, when the light is attenuated to a certain extent, then this led light bar, it has no effect.