About LED Strips

- May 15, 2019-

LED light bar products are subdivided into segments. In order to take the lead in the market and enable enterprises to survive in the brutal market competition, LED light bar enterprises are constantly increasing R&D, manpower, and market input, so that the cost of enterprises is rising, such as thin ice, it is difficult. . LED strips currently have two major types of distinctions in the market; they are generally divided into soft strips and hard strips:

The flexible strip is to solder the LED patch on the flexible circuit board, and the back is installed in the form of adhesive, and according to the application and environmental illumination requirements, the surface treatment can be divided into glue waterproofing treatment. And not waterproof; the highest waterproof level can also be added with a transparent sleeve on the glue treatment to improve the waterproof level;

According to the requirements of the application environment illuminance, the strip LEDs used in the soft strips on the market are mainly 3528 and 5050. The special brightness level requirements are also higher. The current high brightness LED types are 2835, 3014 and 5730; Increase the brightness level of the area by the number of lights used;

The hard light bar is based on the soft light strip to better solve the heat dissipation problem, and the patch LED is soldered on the aluminum substrate, so that the LED can obtain good heat dissipation treatment under long working conditions; The actual installation and heat dissipation requirements include the installation of aluminum slots. In order to facilitate the installation and increase the heat dissipation area, the aluminum slots are generally installed in the required places through screw holes or snaps, such as in high humidity and high dust environments. Can be used for potting and dust-proof treatment; and waterproof treatment; the same LEDs used according to the requirements of the application environment illumination are similar to soft light strips.

LED flexible strips: like patch two coils, double-sided lighting, RGB colorful, one lamp and five lights, this part of the market is only a small number of manufacturers in production, production technology and quality requirements are very high, for many companies have Challenging, generally small businesses do not do well without technology.

LED light bar conventional products: indoor single and double color has been done in China for nearly 20 years, manufacturers of modules are not very willing to do, indoor surface mount unit board wholesale, has begun a fierce price war. There are too many medium-sized enterprises that produce such products wholesale, saying that this product is simple to produce, large in quantity, and large in market. However, such products are subject to manufacturers of LED tubes and chips. The upstream companies have decided how much the wholesale market can go and how far. It's good to be like a smart light strip, whether it's injection molding or lamp beading. Including PVC casing, lamp bead patch, widened circuit board, full copper wire. What's more important is a parallel design, which is not available to many companies today.