Advantages Of LED Flexible Neon Lamp

- May 25, 2019-

1. Safe bottom voltage, low power consumption, because the light source is LED, so even in the case of 24V, it can work normally, and its power consumption is 10W/M.

2, high brightness, the light source is made of imported ultra-high brightness LEDs in series, each meter, 120LED / m or 144LED / m encryption arrangement is the fundamental guarantee of the overall luminous effect and high brightness.

3, longevity and durability: on the basis of LED technology, the new structure, so that this lamp can reach 100000 hours of long life in any case, relative to glass neon, its durability is questionable, because it is not at all Need to consider the problem of broken glass neon (silicone lamp body).

4. Energy-saving: The flexible whole body lamp belt can save energy consumption cost of more than 70%.

5, soft: flexible body light strip, it can be bent to a minimum diameter of 8CM, and can be cut at any scissors, so it must be bent into a variety of text.

6. Safety: Unlike glass neon, its normal operation requires a high voltage of 15000V, while the flexible whole body lamp can also operate normally under the condition of 24V low voltage, plus its shockproof, temperature resistant, salt resistant, acid resistant Characteristics such as alkali.

7. Dynamic delivery and installation: Because it is similar in nature to the ordinary rainbow tube, it is safe and convenient to transport as the LED rainbow tube. It is equipped with a special card slot. When installing, you only need to nail the card slot first, then The card can be used up, and it is as convenient and secure as the ordinary wire installation.