Customers Are Concerned About Several Major Issues Before Buying Led Strip

- Dec 31, 2019-

Customers are concerned about several major issues before buying led strip

(Ⅰ ) the led engineering lamp with color temperature: The definition of color temperature is "the heating of a standard black body, the temperature starts to change from deep red-light red-orange-white-blue when the temperature rises to a certain level. When the colors are the same, we call the temperature of the black body at that time the color temperature of the light source. "

The color temperature of the light source changes, and the color of the light also changes. The led engineering lamp has a color temperature below 3300K, and the light color is reddish to give a warm feeling; it has a heavy atmosphere, a warm feeling, and is commonly known as warm color temperature. The color temperature is in the middle of 3000--6000K. In this color, people have no obvious visual psychological results, and they feel comfortable. Therefore, it is called "neutral" color temperature.

The color temperature spans 6000K, and the light color is bluish, giving people a cool feeling, commonly known as cold color temperature. The LED strips required by domestic customers generally have a cold color temperature, and only European and American customers will adopt warm color temperatures. Generally, the color temperature is specially requested by foreign customers in Europe and Americ

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( Ⅱ)   Lthe LED light brightness: The color of the LED light strip will have different luminous intensity, the unit of use is mcd, which is milli candela. The higher the value, the greater the luminous intensity, that is, the brighter. This is the primary indicator for selecting LED strips. The strips with higher brightness requirements are more expensive, because high-brightness LED chips are more expensive.

1. Number of LEDs: How many LEDs per meter of LED light strip are on the customer's attention.

2. LED chips: Customers often determine the quality of LED light strips by knowing the LED chip supplier used on the LED light strips, because it is the chips that determine the price of LED light strips. Therefore, once you know the chip supplier, you can probably determine the price range of LED strips. This is one of the effective means for experienced buyers to evaluate suppliers.

3. LED cutoff distance: The LED lamp strips produced by manufacturers have various cutoff distances between LEDs. In order to confirm that the LED strips purchased are necessary, customers usually know the distance between each LED.

(Ⅲ ) the LED light life: Although the life of the LED is 80 ~ 100,000 hours, but because the LED is a constant current element, the constant current results of LED light strips produced by different manufacturers are not the same, so the life is also therefore It's different. As a user, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the service life of LED strips. Therefore, customers usually ask this question.

1. Packaging of LED strips: Different manufacturers have different packaging methods for LED strips, some are 5 meters / reel, some are 10 meters / reel, and some are 50 meters / reel. Most of them are 5 meters / roll and 10 meters / roll. Of course, you can also customize the product specifications required by the user.

2. The price of LED light strips: After the customer understands the basic information of the light strips, what they need to know later is the price of the LED light strips. Buying cost-effective products is the purpose of each buyer. The price of LED strips produced by Xinshengkai Optoelectronics cannot be said to be advantageous among peers, but it is also cost-effective