Factors Affecting The Life Of LED Flexible Strips

- Jun 10, 2019-

1. LED is a static sensitive component. If you do not take anti-static measures when repairing the LED strip, it will burn out the LED and cause waste. Of course, the life of LED strips is not guaranteed.

2. The poor toughness of the copper wire or flexible circuit board of the LED light strip will cause the LED light strip to break when bent, and will also affect the life of the LED light strip.

3. Power supply factor, LED light strip is generally powered by constant voltage power supply (DC switching power supply). If the output of the power supply is unstable or there is no surge protection, it will output unstable voltage when the external network voltage fluctuates. The current, which causes the LED strip to operate at a non-standard voltage, also affects its useful life.

4. Since the LED is a constant current component, the LED lamps produced by different manufacturers have different constant current effects, and the life expectancy is different.


After you understand the above points, you should pay attention to the purchase of LED strips, but also pay attention to the protection of the LED strips when using, which can also extend the use of LED strips.