Future Trends In LED Hard Light Strips

- May 30, 2019-

Nowadays, the world is in the midst of environmental protection and energy saving. LED hard light strips are coming out. LEDs can complete fluorescent energy-saving lamps with many advantages such as no mercury, no pollution, energy saving and environmental protection. Will LED lamps become the third generation of human light source? ? Shang Ming Optoelectronics-shinmi believes that price is a roadblock for the development of LED lighting. When LED hard light can replace fluorescent energy-saving lamps, the price will drop to the level acceptable to ordinary people. Only when the price is down, the quality of the products is stable. The market dominated by stage fluorescent energy-saving lamps robbed.

Now the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Finance are pushing the LED lamps that are more energy-efficient and have a longer service life. Let it replace the old lamps in public places such as roads, squares, and stadiums, and then enter the home. For a time, domestic LED lighting companies rushed to compete for business opportunities. However, in addition to the government's bidding projects, there are not many companies that replace LED lamps independently. The main reason for this is that consumers do not trust or understand the LED lamps. This reason is mainly due to the delay in the industry standard of LED hard light strips at this stage, which leads to the uneven quality of LED hard light strip products on the market, and it is difficult for consumers to buy reliable products. In particular, some enterprises and shopping malls use lamps, if they are all replaced, they will be thousands or more. This is designed to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of purchases, so consumers will not try to trade.

After knowing the concerns of consumers, why should manufacturers develop a win-win cooperation model - power saving. What is the power-saving division, as the name implies, the manufacturer is responsible for the purchase, installation and future maintenance costs of all or most of the lamps, and the electricity-saving manufacturers saved by the company during the cooperation period are divided into their own due parts.

Let us calculate the account, take a small supermarket as an example, the original use of 40W T8 fluorescent lamp, the lighting time is 14 hours a day. Then the electricity consumption per year is 204.400 kWh. If the calculation is based on one yuan/degree, the annual electricity bill is 204.400 yuan. If it is replaced by LED lamps? According to the brightness of the luminaire, we use 18W T8LED tube instead of the original 40W fluorescent lamp, then the annual electricity cost is 91.980 kWh, the electricity fee is 91.980 yuan, and the annual electricity saving is as high as 112.42 yuan.

Enterprises and shopping malls can choose the cooperation mode according to their own situation, but no matter which mode they cooperate, consumers will play a role as a winner in the replacement project of LED hard light belts, in addition to the corresponding national energy conservation and emission reduction. In addition to the call, it also helps companies save a lot of money. I believe that no company will be as excited about the LED hard light strip replacement project.