How Can I Waterproof The Led Light Strip?

- Jun 05, 2019-

Let's first take a look at this led line light, which is called a led soft light strip and a led soft strip. This shape is similar to a strip of soft strips. He is the base plate made of the original fpc. It is soldered on the substrate with special components such as the led LED lamp strip. Since this illuminator is led, it is called a led soft strip.

Led waterproof soft light strip, he is to achieve the technical treatment of the led light strip waterproof. Generally, he has a grade of IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68 and so on. So, how many ways do we have waterproof LED strips? Let’s take a look at the following:

Using Epoxy waterproof led line light strips, we are currently using this epoxy resin and pu glue. We put the led line light strips flat on the countertop. Then, a layer of glue on the outer surface of our LED strips, then these layers of glue can be used to waterproof the exterior.

There is also the use of hollow casing waterproof light strips. Generally, the casings we will use are all-sleeve of silicone boat and PVC full casing.


Some semi-casing glue is waterproof or semi-casing glued waterproof. This is to use a semi-casing in the bottom, and then do the glue or glue.

There is also a full casing potting waterproof, quick-point full casing pumping waterproof. This is the current one of our led light strips, the highest waterproof level. He is fully capable of being used in the water.

The last one is Parylene Nano Waterproof. This waterproof technology does not need to change the appearance of our products. It can achieve micro-scale ultra-thin coating directly on the surface of the product. It does not increase the weight of the product, and does not affect the assembly. The heat dissipation is very good, he can achieve IPx8 waterproof level, and it has other anti-salt and anti-UV functions that are not waterproof.