LED Flexible Neon Features

- May 25, 2019-

LED flexible neon lamp is a professional linear lighting decoration product. Although it does not look different from ordinary neon lamp, it can bend arbitrarily. It has the function of anti-shattering and water-proof, and can be used both inside and outside the house. Compared with traditional neon lamp, the characteristics of LED flexible neon lamp are as follows:

1. The traditional neon lamp has a large investment and complex manufacturing process. It is inconvenient to use off-duty tube, high voltage electricity and inert gas. Flexible neon lamp uses a new structure and LED technology. The bright LED bulb is wrapped in a special PVC shell. The special optical technology and special shell design not only increase the intensity and uniformity of light, but also deliver the process flow and improve the production efficiency.

2. The traditional neon lamp can only work at room temperature. During the use, the voltage must be increased. The power consumption is also large, the cost is high, the service life is short and the maintenance is inconvenient. The LED of flexible neon lamp at each point is a cold light lamp, which only emits low heat. The same brightness of the LED is only one seventh of the power consumption of the traditional lamp. The power consumption of the traditional neon lamp is 28.7W/m, while that of the flexible neon lamp is only 4.7W/m or 6.6W/m. Moreover, the life of the LED is longer than that of the traditional lamp. At the same time, the flexible neon lamp of the LED also has the functions of shock-proof and heat-resistance.

3. Traditional neon lamp uses transformer to raise 220 V voltage to 15 000 V to excite inert gas in glass tube. It emits monochrome light along the outline of font pattern. Two sets of glass tubes are needed for two colors. The font is too big to be bright in the middle of the strokes; too small and complex to be processed. Flexible neon lights work at a voltage of only 24V and emit low heat. When installed, they can be cut into any length and curved into different shapes (bendable to a circle with a radius of only 4cm). It is very convenient to install special tracks with different material surfaces, such as wood, plastic, steel or walls. At the same time, they can be decorated into different patterns according to the needs of designers.