LED Hard Light Strip Installation Points Introduction

- May 10, 2019-

Lighting and decoration design is the key to the function of LED hard strip lamp, which is mostly used in hotel dining halls, Hotel rooms, restaurant bars, restaurants and other venues. In addition, it is often used in automobile decoration, stage decoration design, urban architectural decoration design, advertising decoration, cinema and theatre and the urbanization of public facilities. It can be seen that led hard strip lamp is fully mobilized in today's society. It can't be underestimated.

Detailed introduction of key points in installation of LED hard bar lamp

Key point 1: Prepare the necessary materials in advance

The raw materials that must be used are led hard strip lamp, driving power supply, multi-strand copper core soft wire and glass glue. Before installation, the city electricity must be converted into a safe DC voltage which is consistent with the working voltage of driving power supply.

Key point  2: Do a good job of routine inspection

First of all, periodically check the trial switching power supply and lamp bar to ensure that they are not more destroyed in the logistics transportation process. Then, calculate the output power of the switching power supply to determine how many meters the lamp bar must be connected to a power supply. Then, define the best routing implementation plan, so that the access wire is shortest and the wiring work is very simple.

Key Point 3: Connection Method of DC Power Supply

The led hard lamp bar should be connected with the fire line, the N connection zero line, the red line of the + V connection lamp bar, the black line or the black red line of the - V connection lamp bar, and the + V and - V connection is not easy to cause the lamp bar damage. Don't worry.

Key Point 4: Connection Method of DC Power Supply

DC power supply has two connection methods: series connection and parallel connection. It should be noted that if series connection is used, the length of the proposed route should not exceed 3 meters. If it exceeds 3 meters, new wiring must be made from the connection pole of DC power supply. Otherwise, there will be a problem that the back of the lamp is not bright enough.

Key point 5: Selection of Electric Power of Lamp Bar

Connecting wires require power. Therefore, the electric power of lamp bar should not exceed 80% of the rated power of DC power supply. The small lamp bar of 72 bead cabinet is 17.2 watts per meter.

Key point 6: Attention should be paid to the installation environment

The led hard strip lamp has the normal value of heat dissipation function, but if it is located in a dusty site, it is easy to cause dust to cover its radiator, affecting the normal heat dissipation of the LED hard strip lamp, in addition, the installation of specific location can not be water vapor, lampblack and other substances, because the lamp body itself has a small gap, this substance is very easy to enter, more serious will affect the normal lamp. If there is no way to prevent it, we propose to do a good job of protective measures.