Led Hard Light Strips Have Been Widely Used

- May 10, 2019-

Led hard light strips are used for auxiliary lighting such as showcase windows, such as jewelry showcase lighting, display cabinet lighting, cabinet lighting, wardrobe lighting, store decoration lighting, advertising light box lighting, and hotels, hotels, decorative lighting, etc.

Led hard light strips are assembled with PCB hard boards. LEDs are assembled with SMD LEDs. They are also assembled with in-line LEDs. Different components are used depending on the needs. The advantage of the led hard light strip is that it is relatively easy to fix, and it is convenient to process and install; the disadvantage is that it cannot be bent at will, and it is not suitable for irregular places. The led LED strip LED has 60 LEDs and 72 LEDs.

Our common problems and solutions

If the light is off, please check if the circuit is connected, if the contact is bad, and if the light bar is reversed.

The brightness of the light bar is obviously low. Please check whether the rated power of the power supply is lower than the power of the light bar, or the connecting wire is too thin, resulting in excessive power consumption of the connecting wire.

The front of the light bar is clearly brighter than the back. Check if the length of the series is more than 3 meters.

Led hard light bar manufacturers' led hard light strips are now widely used in furniture, automobiles, advertising, lighting, ships and home decoration industries.

Car beauty body and vehicle bottom application.

The irregular design is decorated with polygonal walls, water droplets and ceiling grooves in hotels, night clubs, KTV and other places.

So in summary, led hard light strips are usually decorated with showcase lighting, and soft strips are used to decorate landscape lighting. The hard light on the price is slightly expensive, the soft light on the wick is soft, and the hard light is hard.