LED Module

- May 25, 2019-

The LED module is to arrange the LEDs (light-emitting diodes) according to certain rules and then package them together, and some waterproof products are LED modules. The main viewing surface of the quadrilateral module may have a decorative structure for blurring the splicing boundaries of the module. 

From the point of view of vision and optics, the utility model makes the straight line form a short line of misalignment, and utilizes the linearity of the vision. When the human eye is scanned from top to bottom (or moving in the left and right direction), it is impossible to simultaneously take care of two misplaced positions, which is bound to form numerous misplacements. The discontinuous short line segment completely eliminates the LED display mosaic phenomenon formed by the gap between the modules.

The LED module is a widely used product in LED products. There are also great differences in structure and electronics. The simple one is to use an LED board and a housing to form an LED module. Some control, constant current source and related heat treatment make LED life and luminous intensity more