Multi-functional Application Scenario Of Led Light

- Dec 19, 2019-

The flexible LED light bar uses FPC as the assembly circuit board and SMD LED as the assembly board. The thickness of the product is only the thickness of a coin and does not take up space. The common specifications are 30 cm 18 LED, 24 LED and 50 cm 15 LED, 24 LED, 30 LED. There are 60 cm, 80 cm and so on. Different users have different specifications. Moreover, it can be cut at will, and can be extended at will without affecting light emission. FPC material is soft, can be bent, folded, entangled, and can move and expand in three dimensions without breaking. It is suitable for irregular places and narrow spaces, and because it can be bent and twisted arbitrarily, it is suitable for advertising decoration of various pattern combinations.

Led lamp application scenario(5)

    led light strip: 1, soft, can be curled at will. 2. Can be cut and extended. 3. The light bulb and connection are completely coated with flexible plastic, edge, waterproof function, and use insurance. 4. Strong weather resistance. 5. Not easy to crack and long life. 6. Easy to make shapes such as graphics and text; it has been widely used in painting and lighting of buildings, bridges, paths, gardens, courtyards, floors, false boards, furniture, buses, lakes, underwater, posters, pink cards, signs .
If the wall is not smooth, irregular light will appear. You can use a mounting box to solve this problem. The light emitting angle of the led light bar is usually only 120 °, and some light grooves are too high for us to see the light generated by the led light bar. In this regard, the LED light can be filled very high, so that the distance between the light strip and the light groove is preferably about 4-5 cm, or the light strip can be attached to the side wall.

    If the light strip is too long and the tail brightness is not enough, you can use a constant-voltage driver with a higher power. For example, a 6-meter light strip uses a 4A appliance to ensure that the appliance has sufficient margin without causing waste; it can also change the light The connection mode of the belt is used to solve the problem that the tail is not bright. The energy-saving characteristics of LEDs have proven to be reasonable. For LED strips, the importance of light effects has a great relationship with their application scenarios, such as when used in indirect lighting of light troughs, in large-area night-light ceilings or display cases When the light efficiency is not high

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