Several Reasons Why The LED Flexible Strip Does Not Light Up

- Jun 10, 2019-

LED flexible strips are becoming more and more mature today, but after being heavily tested and turned off, there will still be no brightening. The reason is that Shangming Opto-shinmi has the following types:


The packaging protection of the LED flexible strip is imperfect, causing damage to the lamp bead during transportation.

The soldering point of the LED flexible strip has a virtual soldering phenomenon, and the vibration during transportation causes the solder joint to fall off and the light strip is not bright.

The LED soft lamp has less soldering and the solder joints are easy to fall off.

The quality of LED soft lamp with solder is not good. The soldering point of LED soft lamp belt is prone to brittle cracking and falling off during bending.

When the LED flexible strip is installed, the bending angle is too large, causing the LED soft strip to be separated from the copper foil and causing no light.

The LED soft lamp has over-squeezed the product during installation, causing the LED soft lamp to be damaged by the chip or the solder joints are deformed and not lit.

The LED soft lamp with the circuit board solder mask is too thick, and the solder and the circuit board cannot be completely fused together during soldering, which is also a phenomenon of soldering.

The LED flexible strip can not be twisted during installation. If it is distorted, the solder joint of the LED flexible strip will fall off and cause no light.