The Difference Between High-voltage Led Strip And Low-voltage Led Strip

- Dec 19, 2019-

The main advantages of led high-voltage light strips are waterproof and convenient wiring. The surface of the light strip is covered with a thick layer of glue, which can be insulated and waterproof. 100 meters long

, Only need a special plug, directly connected to 220V household electricity.

        Led high-voltage safety, affected by voltage fluctuations and the quality of the light strip, is easy to burn the light strip, there are hidden safety risks. Some projects with high requirements for defense,

It does not accept led high voltage lamp strips. The common high-voltage led light strip is a 1 meter 1 cut (also a 0.5 meter cut), if it is cut elsewhere in the middle of the cut interface

The whole meter light strip is scrapped. Therefore, the high-voltage light strip is suitable for long strips, and the smaller size is not suitable. Currently mainly used in outdoor lighting, home improvement ceiling

More. Not recommended for swimming pools and other pools

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The main advantages of led low-voltage light strips are safety, easy splicing, wide application range, and many effects can be achieved. Because the light strip is powered by low voltage, it is safer.

It is also harmless to the human body when touched by hand. LED power supplies (transformers) on the market have short circuit protection, and the input voltage range is wide.

It is safer and not easy to burn out. The conventional 12V light strip can be cut by 2.5CM, and the width of the light strip is 4mm narrow, which can be flexibly applied to counters where high-voltage light strip cannot be installed.

Products such as shelves. Symphony lights are programmable, which can realize LED display effect and various effects.

    The led low voltage light strip needs to be used with LED power supply (transformer), and the number of light strips is different. The required power and quantity of LED power supply are different.

This adds a certain cost. Low-voltage light strips are limited by pressure drop, so a single length is recommended to be 5 meters each. More than 5 meters need to be connected in parallel, to pull the main line. color

The connection of colored lights with synchronous effects is complicated, which requires certain skills and hands-on installation ability. Low voltage light strips are currently mainly used in indoor projects, counters, shelves,

Lightbox and product interior. The low-voltage light strip can also be waterproof, and is also suitable for some outdoor places, such as swimming pools. Symphony is used for KTV and outdoor bright chemicals

There are many processes, such as the effect of light festival.

    The service life of low-voltage led strips will technically be 50,000-100100 hours, and actual use can also reach 30,000-50010 hours. High-voltage LED

Due to the high voltage of the strip, the heat generated per unit length is much more than that of the low-voltage LED strip, which directly affects the life of the high-voltage LED strip. Generally speaking, high-voltage

The service life is about 10,000 hours.

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