What Are The Uses Of Led Hard Light Strips?

- May 10, 2019-

First, LED hard light strip application place

LED hard light strips can be widely used in high-end hotel rooms, lobby, restaurants, KTV, bar, cargo docks and other places and all kinds of dark trough decoration lighting! Can also be used for light box occupation, car decoration, building decoration, stage decoration , building exterior wall decoration, advertising decoration, luminous characters, fish tank decoration, entertainment venues, cinemas, public facilities lighting projects, home features renovation projects, etc.!

Second, LED hard light strip installation and operation notes

1. First, test the matching power supply and each light bar first, and conclude that it is not damaged during the transportation process;

2. After correct, please fix the matching fixing clips in the dark groove with screws;

3, the light bar is quietly stuck into the fixed clip, acknowledging that the balance is strong;

4, determine the routing plan, the connection will be firmly connected to ensure the shortest connection wire, the wiring is the most simple (considering the connection of the wire also consumes power, the total power of the light bar does not exceed 80% of the rated power of the DC power supply, other The total length of a series of DC power cables in series is not to exceed 3 meters, to avoid overloading the power supply, resulting in damage to the power supply or the brightness of the lamp body is not good);

5, the device is correct, no electrical short circuit, please pack the unnecessary connector on the lamp body with waterproof tape, and then connect to the corresponding power supply (this LED hard light bar please use a dedicated switching power supply);

6, before the end of the above process, please do not connect any power supply to ensure personal safety!

7. This product is equipped with a heat-dissipating shell of aluminum material, which is completely satisfied with the normal heat dissipation of the lamp body. However, if the dust is used in a heavy local area, it is recommended to regularly remove dust to prevent the dust from covering the radiator and affecting the heat dissipation of the lamp body;

8. The lamp body of this product is composed of two parts: the upper part is the aluminum heat-dissipating outer casing, and the lower part is the soft-light cover. When there are fine gaps in the joint, it is necessary to pay attention to avoid significant liquid such as soot, water vapor and dust. enter. If it is used in an environment where dust, smoke and water vapor are heavy, please take appropriate protective measures for the lamp body.

The above is the role of led hard light strips, I believe that everyone can understand the use of led hard light strips can be used very well!