Why Does The Glue Of Led Engineering Light Strip Appear Air Bubbles, What Should I Do ?

- Dec 31, 2019-

The led specifications are divided into 5050led strips, 3528led strips, 0603led strips, and 3020led strips (all of which are patch led strips); another is the Great Wall strip. From the length of led light strips, there are commonly 5 m, 1 m to tens of centimeters of light strips. The length of the led engineering light strip is generally freely detachable.

     According to the use of led engineering light strips: there are car decoration led light strips, hotel KTV bars and other entertainment venues decorative led light strips. The length of a single strip of led strips for car decoration is generally shorter. LED light strips produced by the brand of LED light strips have problems with glue bubbles. The main reasons are the long operation time of the glue, the excessive amount of glue, the incorrect stirring method, no vacuum degassing or the degassing time being too short.

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1. Be sure to defoam (vacuum machine). The recommended defoaming time is 6-8 minutes.

    2. Glue operation time is too long: the longer the epoxy AB glue or polyurethane glue is left for mixing, the viscosity of the glue will become thicker and thicker. When the glue becomes thicker, the bubbles will be difficult to discharge.

    Solution: shorten the operation time, (divided into: dispensing time, vacuum time, parking time, use time when dispensing).

    3, the amount of glue: epoxy resin or polyurethane glue at a certain ambient temperature, the greater the amount of glue at a time, the faster the curing speed. If the amount of glue is too much, the glue will gradually increase in viscosity over time, and the glue will become more viscous. At this time, the air bubbles are relatively difficult to discharge.

    Solution: led light strip manufacturers recommend that customers dispense a little less glue, which is more suitable at 200G / 200G. If you want to mix more, it is recommended that the glue moisture be 2-4 cups after degassing and vacuuming (principle: the larger the volume, the faster the curing speed). If you do not distinguish, then the glue viscosity will thicken in a short time. Back bubbles are difficult to discharge. Incorrect mixing method: Solution, stir clockwise. Because clockwise stirring and counterclockwise stirring are more likely to generate air bubbles.